[November 21st] Update Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
2022/11/21 07:00–07:30 (UTC)

[New Contents]

  1. Added Lv.35 Lizards;
  2. Added Special Ant Awakening to Brown Rogue; Enhanced the Promotion effect of Proatta’s Awakening.


  1. Optimized the participation requirements for the Duel of Queens (The Queen has to reach Lv.17);
  2. Optimized the abnormal lizard shortage on the non-season map;
  3. Added a new [Woker Ants Exploration] entrance to Treasure Depot;
  4. Added a bubble-shaped prompt to Treasure Depot as Exploration Queues or Rewards are available;
  5. Adjusted the Recommended Special Ants’ Types for some Creatures at Underground Maze;
  6. Reduced the difficulty level of the season achievement [Build the Tower];
  7. Added a UTC clock in the Season;
  8. Optimized some in-game texts.

[Bug Fixes]

  1. Fixed the abnormal display of Season Anthill Kill Ranking;
  2. Fixed the abnormal display of the maximum number of Soldier Ants in Squads when checking Units for the first time after logging in;
  3. Fixed the abnormal display of texts in Details at Soldier Ant Nests.
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