Notification on log in game via google account

Dear Ruler:

In compliance with Google’s policies, our game account system has been comprehensively upgraded. After the upgrade, you may find the default game account logged in on your historical devices is different from the one used previously. You can try these ways:

  1. Log in to different GooglePlay accounts on different devices
  2. Leave the GooglePlay login on the main device, and log out the GooglePlay account on other devices.
  3. Log out the GooglePlay accounts of different devices so that they can go online at the same time. Delete all other accounts on a single device except the main account. And delete all login records on another device, then login a different GooglePlay account on another device.

If you encounter this issue, please do not panic.

If you wish to log into a different game account that is already bound to a third-party email, you can switch to the target account via the “Switch Account” feature in the game.

If the game account you want to access is not bound to any other third-party emails, please contact our support through the following ways for assistance:
LINE ID: @theantsgame (Don’t forget “@”)
Discord: The Ants Official

Important Reminder:
To avoid any loss of account assets, please do not share your Google and game account details with others, and avoid logging into your accounts on unfamiliar devices. If someone requests your account password, be vigilant, protect your privacy and property, and report to our support if necessary.

The Ants Studio

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