No al RACISMO situación vivida en el server #147

Juzguen ustedes mismos

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La alianza latina en dónde estoy los pondría locos en media hora jaja

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Hello @Lestat , Please create a ticket in Ants Official DIscord if you wish to report a player. On top of that you need to click on report info on the messages in game as proof.

How to create a ticket

  1. Go in ⁠📕select-language and react with your language flag
  2. Go in ⁠ticket and click on Create Ticket
    Please keep in mind Tickets are for urgent issues where Fairy help is needed.

You can also try to contact in game the GM
Or in LINE App ID: @theants

Because we are a big community the Ticket number is always high, so please have patience untill the Fairys contact you. And PLEASE keep an eye on your Ticket or it will be closed after 24h inactivity.

How to report in game

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