Night patron skin

Why don’t you get the extra 80 fragments to use for ground hog skin or on hill stars?


oh .It is one of the most popular skins. To get it, you must be able to be among the first 50 in the GH event

We tried to convince fairy to put another 20 piece for the players to get in a free event.
But we all keep it as the day might come


can I get it? I really want to get a skin patron

ID 58216407

Only if you buy the package

which package should I buy?

I’m a free player is it expensiveI’m a free player is it expensive

It comes from the event in the game.
Also it’s payed events not for free to play

ok tell me how to buy it if it works 100% I will buy it

here there are only 3 choices 1 piece 3 pieces and 40 pieces which one should I buy

40 pieces is too much to get a skin? I can exchange it for the price of one motorbike, this is really expensive

From treasure store ,you get reward hard branch from the final line on the payed event

Cheapest way is to get 10 branches