News of New Version: Alliance Peace Shield function will lauch

Still worried about being attacked when you leave the Anthill? In the new version, the Alliance Peace Shield function will lauch, and your allies will help you to protect your hill together!

Leave your thoughts of the new version and Game ID in the comments under the post! Participate in the event and have a chance to win a mysterious reward!

PS. The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 7 workdays after the event ends (August 2, 23:59:59, UTC+0).

Attachment: Community Gift Code Hunt Event (Week of July 24th-30th) Revealed (5)!

Get clues by visiting the official Instagram and finding the same post. (→

Event Description: The official team will periodically release gift code fragments on the official Instagram. These fragments consist of letters or numbers, and when combined, they form a complete 10-character gift code. Players need to collect the gift code fragments in the order of posting time on the official Instagram. Once you’ve successfully collected all the fragments, click the link provided to redeem the code accordingly. (The Ants)

Rewards for Redeeming the Gift Code in this Phase:

  1. Community Surprise Treasure Chest x3
  2. Expiry Date for Redemption: August 13, 2023
  3. Number of Redemptions: 500 (Each ID can only redeem once)

ID :33951052
This will make the game much easier.

Id 61305575
This will make the game a lot better

ID : 22150074

We have to see how it works and how much it costs. I don’t like that my targets
always have shields

ID: 57594402

excellent option, thus guaranteeing the defense of those who forgot to use a shield and someone else warns and uses it

Id: 59357564

Quem sofre para juntar recursos e o escudo acaba na madrugada e no dia seguinte vê a caixa de mensagem de batalha com aviso, vai agradecer muito, principalmente o pessoal que coleta mais do que pilha os formigueiros alheios.

Nice ive been wanting something like this, i was thinking an auto shield option, even set dates.
Id: 59184225 server: 1077


ID: 54814412

I’m wondering how it will work! Perhaps it will prevent me from waking up with eyes wide open, checking the phone to see if I didn’t forget to put my shield. :joy:

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ID: 18253865

Love that you guys added this feature.
It will most certainly get a lot of use on the newer servers.
Wish we had that option when we just started in the game. :heart:

My ID: 58104436 That’s pretty cool! Different time zones means everyone is on at different times. That will help with anthills that aren’t online!

More fun.

My game ID:8785539

ID 57982399
I did not like the update, the game became even more like a farming game, removing one of the aspects of the military side

ID: 61600261
Server: 1118

Very good addition🫶

serveur : 972 ID: 51623094

ID: 61119688

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