New Purple Insect: What's The Purpose?

New Purple Insect: What’s The Purpose? :grin:

Are you wondering about the purpose of this new special anniversary insect given by the developers? What are these of them? No worries, I am here to address your curiosity!

This insect is useful for both free or paid players as a helper insect (It’s the most useful purpose).
You can refer to the red box squared, and it can work as a damage “Helper Insect” compared to other current universal purple insects that increase defence as a “Helper Insect”. Thus, it will help players to deal more damage rather than defence which can be useful to orange insects like the beetle, crab, hornets etc. (Useful for pangolins, groundhogs, and duels or even mine)

This insect does give benefits compared to the current ones (Purple insects), and hope it will help people out!

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