New Insect Skin-Meerkat is available for a limited time!

New Insect Skin-Meerkat is available for a limited time!

The new character-Meerkat has come to The Ants. Have you seen or known this creature before?

:writing_hand:Share your view and leave your Game ID in the comments under the post! The mysterious rewards will be sent via Mail within 15 workdays after the event ends (December 17, 23:59:59, UTC+0)

:gift:Weekly Gift Code: MC5U9KQ2E8 (2000 copies only, first come first served, official website only)
Redemption Link: The Ants


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Event seems fun but with these types of events they seem pointless the last one I spent 300 dollars to be guaranteed to get a rare insect roughly 6000 shells for a shell event or shore event I didn’t even get to 3000 they seem to be a rip off personally and would never pay for these type of events again respectively

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Got the issue at the beginning. The price of the special package is only 129k vnd ( around 5 usd) to get 160 flowers but after that it changed to nearly 200usd .
My team buy this pack right after it lauched but after that 45 minutes it disappeared.
Not fair.
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i´m not sure what i should think about the skins,

they look kind of pointless, why not add new insects?

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Looks cool, i like gucci additions.

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Please give me a christmas present!!!

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I agree! The entire event , this time, huge ripoff. But those who quickly snagged hIgh dollar packs for $4.99 jumped ahead of those of us who paid. Even with 150 dandelions, not worth it. I like the pretty insects why mess with putting skins On them? Guess skins will all cost us. The odds Of winning, one in several million. Totally ridiculous!

Id: 33551098


ID: 46840816

The skin is very good and I like that it gives a more diverse touch to the appearance of the insects, they could add the skin of the African Badger for the power characteristic

ID 68844836

ID: 56710996

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