More about the ants

Im looking for tips, or somewhere to read up about the ants. To get a better understanding on which ants are the best, where to put them in the lineup and other ants that work best with each other… Fighting games I’ve played in the past always have somewhere to read up on their skills, etc… But I haven’t been able to find any real info with this game… Anyone have any tips/suggestions?

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Hmm, I know a discord channel talk about ants-related strategy etc. It was made by a YouTuber called UmbrakDarkness I believe. I do feel some information inside is good, the discord link is below if you want to join.


Thank you for that… I will definitely check it out… Anything else you, or anyone else comes across that might be helpful, please drop a message…

It is hard to cover everything in a few messages. However, if you have some specific questions you can ask me here. I believe I know most stuff well in the game and can try to help answer.

Well, I know most things about gameplay itself. I was just looking for info about the “special” ants, and which ones work best together, and the best slot to put them in…

That is pretty controversial, it really depends on what is your enemy formation and you should analyze yourself which ants work best to defeat their current setup with past experience of course. Lastly, luck must be with you to win any battle.

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