migration.. have i missed it?

I have been playing for about 18months. I always take the opportunity to migrate to meet new people and visit new servers.
Have I missed something? As I don’t think we have had the opportunity to migrate for ages? My server is slowly dying… less and less players. We keep going to these new lands, which I have never enjoyed. Only to return…

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Migration event not being open for long time
It’s kinda being replaced with cross server convocation the (csc ), that allows you to apply to Alliance and be accepted by R5 , this event open once registration period island start .once you apply to the alliance and be accepted you will automatically move to that server

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Why do we need T8’s for alliance expansion?

Hello , the event requirements for alliance to open csc or sing up for island need 35 players from 50 players has at least T8 .

Yes but why for alliance expansion only. T8’s serve no purpose for this instance.

It’s a requirement based on the game , develop sees that the event suitable for players that has at least t8 and above , for experience and better performance in those several event

I Miss having the option of migration, CSC only allows you to stay in the block.

Hey @Lynnette_Masella

Migration is in the same group range as CSC opening.
The only difference are the migration tokens that aren’t needed anymore for CSC.
Anyone can just make use of CSC, as long as the alliance accepts you. :wink:

The only time you have all current servers available, are in the first 3 days of your account creation.