Migration Event 07/25/22 - Servers 651-700

The Migration Zone opening time has already been confirmed! Here is the latest information collected by Fairy. Let’s take a quick peek!


25th July 01:00 – 27th July 23:59 (UTC)

Migration Groups

Group 1 : S651—S675 – Group 1 Recruitment Thread Here
Group 2 : S676—S700 – Group 2 Recruitment Thread Here

Note: There is no knowledge of when other servers may have a migration event at this time.


  1. Every Ruler has only one chance to jump over to another Zone during the event and can only migrate to the zone within the Group.
  2. A certain amount of Migration Tokens will be consumed when you migrate. The higher the level of the Queen, the more Migration Tokens will be consumed.

Hill Level   Migration Tokens Required
15-17   1
18-19   2
20   3
21   4
22   6
23   8
24   10
25   15

Zone Migration is not open to Rulers with Queen levels under 15. However, Rulers who upgrade their Queens to level 15 before the event is over are able to migrate during the event.

Obtaining Tokens

  • Migration Tokens can be obtained by purchasing specific packs in-game (packs containing migration items).
  • You can also purchase Tokens from your Alliance Store, by consuming alliance contribution points.
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What about zone 501 - 650

Mod Note: A duplicate of this question in another thread has been deleted. - @Lumi


We’re waiting to hear from the Dev team about these zones. It’s possible that they are included in the new Lost Island and Convocation, but that’s 100% guessing on my part right now.

Good afternoon

I would like to know when the next migration event for server 671 will be