I have the metor leveled to 25. Ive evolved as much as I can. Dispatched ants for tasks, and completed crater exploration. Two ants are at ten and others are at nine. The Icon bubble wont go away. Is it a glitch or do i need to do something to get the icon to disappear? Typically they dont show up unless it wants me to do something. Thank you!

Hey @Stacey
Which bubble do you mean exactly?
Do you have a screenshot by chance?
Or what happens if you click on it?

Here is the image. What is palate evolution? It says for level ten. I’m missing something!

If i click On the bubble it takes me to the evolving option for the ants, but there is none to upgrade. I have several ants at level 10 and it says when i have all six done it upgrades. The bubble is still there, cant get it to go away and there is no undone tasks. Confusing. Thanks, if someone knows why.

I dont use the gold armour ant, but its at level 50 etc. Does that have something to do with the bubble!?