March size

How do i increase my march size,im currently lvl 25 maxed,i currently have 110k march but see other players on 220k,what am i missing? Would appreciate the info
Regards Fix

HI Jose,
March sizes can be increased through a couple different factors!
The first size increase can be from upgrading your troop rally centers. Each upgrade will give you an “x” amount of upgrades per unit & march group.

The second way to upgrade your max group size is to unlock the leadership skills in the evolution trees for each march.

Thirdly, placing additional special ants with their skills 1 & 6 (Called Dominance III & Colony Leader) will help increase the stationed amount tenfold

Lastly, insect levels are a good source of adding some additional units into them.

If you scouted someone and they said each line as 220k units, this would most likely be from a “false troop” buff added in.

Hope that helps!