March Crafting

March Crafting
A simple guide to creating cohesive marches.

In this guide we will go over range charts, skill sets and what to look for in order to allow line ups to have the best possible synergy. We will also be going over insects and how they affect marches.

Skill Range

Understanding how skill ranges work is the first step in understanding how to start building your line ups. Another thing to understand is how the squads work when it comes to combat. Once all of the squads troops have been eliminated, that squad is effectively eliminated from the fight.

The 1st, 5th and 8th skill are the combat skills and will show the effictive range just under the name of the skill. Paying close attention to these skills is important to knowing where to place a specific ant and reading the skills can help with understand which ants and insects will mesh well with that specific ant.

The diagram to the right shows specific ranges from the back line and what they can reach. Understanding the ranges and how they work can make the difference in how a march is set up. Remember understanding both ranges and how skills work is incredibly important in creating a march that synergize with each other. We will dive into understanding skills in another section of the guide.

Once a squad loses all of it’s troops it drops out of the battle all together. If the troop happens to be in the front line like the example to the left. The other squads move up in position allowing squads with a shorter attack range to hit them. This is something to keep in mind when building a squad as well, as it can change the dynamic of the squads synergy, allowing more options as to where an ant can be placed.


So which is the best ant ? :smiling_imp:

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it’s easy… there is only one ant that unlocks the secret 5th march at 8 star and we all know which one!



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Those with NTA in the front line, besting marches with superior stats and star value ants may disagree with that tier list :joy:

These tier lists aren’t correct :thinking:

Putting ants in a tier list based off of what? Damage? Reliability? Skill output? Just based off what people are using right now?

The problem with putting individual ants in a tier list is that they require a multitude of things to synergize with them to make them work properly and to get the most out of them. The only way to make a “tier list” of sorts would be the entire march, including the insect and which stats and talent tree’s are needed to be build to get the most out of the march.

And even then the amount of information needed to create an accurate tier list would be a lot. As an S-Tier march could be an A,B,C-Tier march depending on the opponents march, talent tree, insect etc…

I encourage everyone to do their own research on skills, stats, talent tree’s, insects and what can synergize with each other. I would recommend against taking tier lists as 100% true.

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Very much a guide only. For those asking which ant is the best - just like in my original comment :grimacing:

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Golden Spiny is the GOAT - just wait til its awakening is released, all will fall before his majesty! :rofl:

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Some tier lists do have some small march crafting pointers made in them. Both the above do talk of NTA and WB being a pair for best results, or mention specific scenarios for use such as duels.
I’m just waiting for the game gods to give me WB, you can then be sure it is no longer ‘S tier’ if this happens :rofl::rofl::rofl:


So what is synergy?

Synergy: The combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately - Cambridge Dictionary

So how does that play into The Ants, Mr. Fish?? :thinking:

Well when it comes to Ants, fitting ants that skills work well with each other is extremely important with the over all success with any march. But something to keep in mind, is this doesn’t just mean the ants in the march. This also includes insects and talent trees, along with what best matches with what you’re trying to do and how your stats are built.

Often times when people ask which is the best “Ant” its important to note that it’s probably not the right question.

When building a march and deciding which ants to form the march with, the questions that should be asked are like:

Which Type am I already heavily invested in?

Generally, players will be invested heavily in only 1 type: Shooters, Carriers, Guardians.

There are always the outliers that invest equally in two or more types, however this can drastically slow progression.

Which ants do I have and how many copies?

It’s important to take note of the ants that are already in the possession of the player when deciding the line ups for a march and building with the ants synergize with each other at that time, making changes when new ants/insects come to the table.

Which insects do I have?

Knowing which insects are available to you and how they work is incredibly important in identifying which insect should be selected to best fit your march.

How do the skills work and what skills synergize with each other?

It’s highly recommended to read the skills of each ant and come to your own conclusion on what would work well with each other. Be open minded at the ideas that are presented with information such as tier lists, but take them with a grain of salt as they are not 100% correct and the game is ever changing.

What do I want to do with my march?

This is a highly important question, depending on what you’d like to do with your march is how to choose the best line up and insect talent tree build to go with. Maybe a player would like to be a glass cannon and deal as much damage to a whale in an event tower. Maybe a player would like to be super defensive. Maybe the player would like to be well rounded. Maybe the player would like to highly technical using suppressants. All of these could potentially have different line ups, talent trees and stat builds that would be necessary to be successful.

How do I build my stats and insect tree to synergize with my march?

Understanding how to build an insect and what to focus on with stats is critical in order to synergize with the line up that is chosen. While some builds may work for others, always remember that it may not work for you. Get creative and explore different builds when it comes to insect talent trees.

All of these things play a part in the synergy of a march. We will dive more into skill synergies next week. But before we end this segment of the guide, we will touch a bit on placement of ants.

Something as simple as a placement adjustment can make a huge difference in the synergy and skill output of your march. Always take into consideration the skill range. As it can make a huge difference in which squads can be targeted.

Play around with the marches that are available and feel free to post your findings in the comments below! Players will be surprised as to what ants can synergize with each other just by skills and placements alone

*Note: Based off player experience and knowledge
Guide is subject to change as the game is ever changing.


So I have no WB and no WA, my question is, how is this still a thing and how you gonna fix it? :smiling_imp::rofl:

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Faydalı bir çalışma, teşekkür ederiz. :green_heart: :handshake: