[March 27]Update Maintenance Notice-2023

[Update Time]
7:00–7:30 on March 27, 2023 (UTC+0)

1.Reduced the daily redemption limit for Premium Mutated Inducible Enzyme in the Glory Duel Store of the Duel of Queens to once per day and added Premium Mutated Inducible Enzyme to the Duel Store, which can be redeemed once per day for 1000 Crystal Cores. (These changes will take effect immediately after the update);
2.Added a confirmation popup when using the 2-h Attack Bonus +50% and 2-h Defense Bonus +50% items;

1.Fixed the issue that lag may occur when using the Quick Use feature to enhance cells with multiple low-star cell items;
2.Fixed the issue that an abnormal amount of Exp might be obtained when activating March Troop Decoration: Pea Trebuchet;
3.Fixed the issue that the coordinates area may not be displayed completely in the scout information of Sentinel Tree during the Season;
4.Fixed the issue that when owning Crimson Fragger its sources of acquisition are still displayed when jumping to this Special Ant from the Season reward preview page;
5.Fixed the issue that the March Troop status on the alliance battle page may not updated in a timely manner when there are returning March Troops while demolishing an Alliance Tower.