Major Adjustments Coming to Supreme Hatch for S2-S550!

:tada:Major Adjustments Coming to Supreme Hatch for S2-S550!

According to Jerry’s leak, it is expected that starting from December 7, 00:00 (UTC), there will be a MAJOR adjustment to the special ants in the Supreme Hatch pool!!!

:scroll: Some special ants as following will be added to the Supreme Hatch pool. Performing supreme hatch to get them by chance: Wise Berserker, Jet Black, Grave Digger, Dolichoderus Bispinosus, Procryptocerus Adlerzi, and Graceful Twig Ant.

:scroll: The following special ants will be removed from the Supreme Hatch pool: Predator, Shield Warde, Blood Giant, Crimson Fragger, Ruby Slender, and Dusky Lurker.

Which Barren Land special ants do you think are the most anticipated🤔?
:+1:Wise Berserker
:heart:Dolichoderus Bispinosus
:laughing:Procryptocerus Adlerzi
:open_mouth:Other special ants

:writing_hand:Leave your answer in the comments, along with your game ID. Rewards will be sent out within 15 working days after the deadline of this topic, December 8, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC):gift:

Note: Players who are not on S2-S550 servers also do not need to worry. Subsequent servers will also be adjusted over the course of the season.

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I will join the Island soon, so it will be changed before I get these ants.
ID: 60809966

Sounds very Intresting, i´m just happy to get the ants even without visiting the island or barren lands.

ID: 44761562

Oh… I am really happy to hear that. I couldn’t get wise berseker for a long time. I hope I will get it now.
ID: 40881359

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