Low Tide Shore, New Anthill Skin - May Bell Awaiting & Powerful Shooter Ant - Formica Clara Returning!

Turning over the stones or Challenging the Fiddler Crab, according to the rules to get the points! New Anthill Skin - May Bell & Powerful Shooter Ant - Formica Clara and other valuable items waiting for you to redeem. Leave a comment (don’t forget your ID) on this topic before 23:59:59 (UTC) on April 23rd, 2023 for a chance to win a mysterious reward, which will be sent by email within 15 working days after the deadline!

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ID : 29266486

iD : 4768685

ID: 7545949

MR, FC deadly combo, but if you tell me to choose one to combine with NTA and WB, it would be FC

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ID : 42581490


Game ID#42751610 LilRickyP143

Game ID#42751610

ID 54185374
Хотелось бы получить что то вкусное)

Id 19762400
Free player wating for 3 star insects

ID 33292987

ID: 41460936

Game Id: 13618962

I want that crab! ID: 55700577

ID 5218376

ID: 18253865

Love the new hill skin. The little jumping tadpole is adorable. Can’t wait that some of the newer skins will be available to sticks as well. This one will be a save for later for sure. :heart_eyes: