Lots of players leaving game, game play to blame

It’s has become more noticeable that players are leaving the game due to frustration, since warzone.

How do we approach the game design team, to provide suggestions to both solve the issues that it has caused, and for new suggestions?

Hello , you can join discord official server and post suggestions the link posted for you above

I am thinking of leaving. Members of my alliance are just giving up the game because of constant attacks.

If your server hasn’t adapted to a peaceful playstyle, there are migrations and later cross server convocation openings. You can inform yourself about other servers, ahead of those events, and move your alliance away from your current server.

Information about those openings will show up on the Official Discord Server.
You can select your server group there and chat with other players from alliances in the same server range.

There is a great home base for every playstyle.
It might just take a bit to find a place for your Ant Colony. :heart:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-10 um 19.26.36 Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-10 um 19.26.42

Current Groups as of 10. April 2023:
Group 1 = 2-300
Group 2 = 301 - 450
Group 3 = 451 - 550
Group 4 = 551 - 650
:fire: Group 5 = 651-750 :fire:
:fire: Group 6 = 751-800 :fire:
:fire: Group 7 = 801-850 :fire:
:fire: Group 8 = 851-900 :fire:


That’s a lot to have to do for most players.

Personally i did not want to have discord, or even see a need to join the forum, but due to the way players have been leaving, that shows that there needs to be a simpler process, as they are not prepared to have to hunt for the information.
It needs to be intuitive or be built in to the game.
I have been contemplating leaving the game too, but thought a last ditched effort to try to save it was worth while.

Most servers have rules to support small alliances (like purg days).
But the problem is that these rules are easily violated.
Because if someone breaks the rules, the only way is for other players to see that moment.
If the rules supporting smaller alliances were set by the king in software form, and if someone violated these rules, the report would be automatically provided to the king.
For example, it can be said that attacking alliances on Saturday to Wednesday is not acceptable, and if someone violated this law, they would be warned and the report of this violation would be visible to everyone.

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Loving the idea, but a more simple solution would be to have 3grades of servers. Skermish , war and advanced war.

Skermish being safe, no ant hills can be attacked, but gathering troops can (like in mine)

War where any hills and gathering troops can be attacked, but required min level to join say level 12 queen. When at say level 25 automatic movement to advanced war

Advanced war for level 25 Pluss

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The problem with that setting would be that a lot of players have multiple additional farm accounts on all levels. This way they wouldn’t be able to farm them anymore.
Also on older servers there are a lot of “dead” nests from former players. When we come back from the island event, they’re our main resource to fill up our open storage again. They’re an essential part of older peaceful servers, since everyone can get their resources from them and not active players.

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Wouldn’t it actually make it easier for them to bring along the farm accounts un hindered and move them later!

Problem is if you loose to many new players there unfavorable reviews put off new players.
And that’s not a good business model. With out an influx of new players it causes farming.

Farming is a loophole, I’m not going to argue weather right or wrong, but it also introduces spys, for god or bad.

Players using the advantages should be made elite, or fall in to an advanced group as it puts off new users.

I’ve seen games disappear as people stop spending money on them, due to loopholes.
Spending money funds game development, design and maintenance.

It’s a complex circle that the wrong move can have deviating results. Which is why the game team needs to be paying attention and listening to all information, and tweeking things to keep a good equilibrium. It impossible to keep everyone happy all the time, but that’s what they need to do.

Do you know which server currently having “to the new homeland” event?

copying answer from other topic here in case it’s needed

I can’t predict when the next one will come out, or what the scope is, but I can tell you what the previous ones were and let you draw your own conclusions.

Date Announced Scope
Apr 31 926-950
Apr 14 901-925
Feb 17 876-900
Jan 30 851-875
Jan 09 825-850