Lost Island recruitment 566 OBS

Ouroboros (OBS) -566 – Recruiting for Lost Island
We are one of the strongest Alliances in this bracket and are looking at dominating Lost Island and adding to our Rainforest Expedition roster (haven’t lost a match since migration). Our focus is on teamwork, strategy and building a community.

Our Alliance is always in the top three of Pangolin (if not first), we always lead in SvS contribution, and you’ll always see our members holding the squirters in Warzone Expedition.

We have two farm Alliances and most of these farms can be hit by anyone in the Alliance on request (and some that are just open to be hit at any time). We also have an active discord and use voice to communicate (a lot of people just join to listen for the callouts).

We are looking for the following:

  • Queen 25 (T9 preferably), considerations will be made for Queen 22+/T8.
  • Can make Rainforest Expedition is 2200 UTC.
  • Active.

Zone rules:

  • NAP 7 based on SvS Contribution (Each NAP member can have a farm Alliance that is also included in NAP).
  • King rotation based on Top 4 (SvS Con tribution).
  • No tile hitting.
  • No forced teleportation / zeroing.

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