Looking to migrate to a server 600-700

So… I am in server 644, and it kinda sucks, me and some of my friends are looking to move somewhere else. Any suggestions?

Note: I don’t want to end up in a server with nothing but whales, I am f2p

Edit… I live in Germany, so I have a weird time zone. Also, by I don’t want whales, I meant that I don’t want a whole server of whales, like maybe some, but not a whole server of them.


Every server has whales, that’s how an alliance survives in this game. If you want to find completely free players, it is probably only left with a dead server as your option. However, with new events incoming, a dead server is not favorable for personal growth.

Thank you… I need to have 20 characters, so I typed this I guess

If that’s the case, it would be better to refer to discord. I believe there is a migration recruiting chat inside the official ant discord for your server range of 501-650. It is not as much chance for someone recruiting in the server to see your post on this forum as of now discord still have more recruiters than on forum I believe.

635 is great, we got whales but its a peaceful server with nap10, purge 1x a month on gh day, everyone is helping each other. can dm our dc link if interested

Unfortunately I am unable to use discord… but I am interested. What other server policies do you have. For reference I currently have q21 and 13 million power.

nap 10 with 4 protected alliance (2 of this is server farms from active alliance) not to be touched for normal days
purge once a month on gh day, all is free to hit but 2 protected alliance not to be hit ever (max lv differenc is 3 kv below u, no zeroing)
no tile hit

everyone is helpful and friendly, not a toxic server no drama

currently at bronze level

the active alliance ae varied, think it cover the 1st hour ae and 2 last ae hour)

Apakah 635 server Damai