Looking for a New Home


I have a Queen 25 T9 carrier main account on server 829 that will be looking for a new home within the server range 751-850 once my island adventure ends in 3 days. A little about me: 1) Active daily. 2) Team player. 3) Goal oriented. 4) Friendly and engaged in alliance chat. 6) Active in Discord and Telegram. My ideal server is a mostly peaceful one. Not looking to join a server that has multiple war days. One war day is my limit. Competitive in SvS and active. My ideal alliance will consist of mostly English speaking players and are active around traditional USA times, however, if I find a good fit I am willing to be flexible with the active times. Additionally, the alliance has to be active, friendly, and chatty. Must also have an alliance discord. If you believe I would be a good fit for your alliance please let me know.

Thank you!