Let's take a more systematic look at several types of ant nests today!

Last time we gave a rough introduction to several types of ant nests​:house:, let’s take a more systematic look at them today! The jelly ant nest is beautiful and convenient for us to observe the activities of ants; the maze ant nest is made of soil, which is the closest to the ant nest in reality; the ant apartment is warm and comfortable, especially suitable for the social insects such as ants. If you traveled to the ant world, what kind of ant nest would you want to live in? :writing_hand:Let us know in the comments!


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:fire:Event Rewards:
Participation Rewards: 30k Sand, 30k Honey dew, 30k Wet soil and 45x1min speedups
Lucky Rewards: 60k Sand, 60k Honey dew, 60k Wet soil and 75x1min speedups
We will deliver the reward within 7 working days after the event deadline: 2023.03.06 23:59:59 (UTC).

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