Last preparations before entering the island

:heart_on_fire: Take Screenshots of your troop camp before entering the lost island – this is so that any future troop glitches or losses can be proven to the fairies if needed

:heart_on_fire: Load up on resources and make sure all of your depots are completely full. See if your teammates or server mates have farms you can hit before leaving for LI.

:heart_on_fire: Discuss strategy with your team ahead of time - have a general plan in place before entering the island. Do some intel research on the teams and players you are matched with.
– Check their soldier kills vs soldier casualty’s vs total healed soldier ants on their individual profiles – this will give you a better idea of their fighting history/strength than the soldier defeats number which is heavily inflated…
– Visit their server and check their Groundhog damages as well as their pangolin team scores if you are able to get them from friends who were in their matchups.

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