Kristin Heart Series

Kristin Heart Series

New Island Quest——by Kristin Heart

Part 1: Old Island “Ratuen” and New Island “Dregon”

The family name behind “Ocean”, we live on Pulau Lama that Pulau Lama is named “Ratuen”. Ratuen Island is famous for its lush greenery around ant nests in several forests before the volcanic earthquake, volcanic eruption, and tsunami occurred.

We have lived on Ratuen Island for many years and there has never been any disaster. My father’s name I call “Budi” as King Ant, while my mother’s name I call “Minuk” as Queen Ant. My nickname is “Kristin” as Princess Ant, I don’t have any siblings. I am happy with our family.

Five years later, we were surprised that the first earthquake was mild. We thought the earthquake was just an ordinary earthquake, even though it was a volcanic earthquake, not a tectonic one. Then we were having my father’s birthday party until it was over then coming home from the ant party to our house suddenly there was a moderate aftershock.

“What happened, father?” my word.
"This is an earthquake, Kristin. Maybe this earthquake could be another aftersh but we have to prepare a collection of food and drinks for special emergencies” said my father.
"Yes, well, my father. I thought if there was an aftershock, could it be that the earthquake came from a volcanic eruption?” my word.

“Don’t worry, this is just an ordinary earthquake, our nest won’t collapse,” said my father.

I returned to our house after helping some soldiers who were victims of the aftershocks. I collect food and drink with my ant neighbors, my father, and my mother.
3 days later there was another earthquake suddenly one of the mountains named “Eun” again rose from sleep releasing lava, hot clouds, and lightning in the top hot clouds. Our worried family immediately summoned all my ant people, and my ant soldiers to prepare to build a ship made of tree wood.

“Father, let’s help our ant people who build ships, bring food and drink” I said.
“Okay Kristin,” my father said as he brought food and drink for the emergency.
“O my ant people, are you all right? I’m worried that I don’t want my people to die due to the eruption of Mount Eun.” My word.
"Ready, Your Majesty. Let’s start from now "said my people.
“Well my people,” I said, carrying important letters such as notes.

Then we boarded the ship with my ant people, and my ant soldiers managed to leave Ratuen island even though it was very sad to see the volcanic earthquake and the eruption of Mount Eun. Not long after 10 minutes suddenly saw the sea water and saw a high wave, it turned out to be a tsunami.

“What is it that the seawater rises?,” said one of my ant soldiers.
"What? Seriously?” I asked one of my ant soldiers while looking with an ancient telescope.
"Oh no. It’s a tsunami. We are heading right turn south near a high rocky cliff” I said to my ant soldiers.
“Ready, your majesty,” said my ant soldiers, rushing to the right, turning south to the back of the highest rocky cliff.
“Oh there’s a hole in the rock part of the cliff, let’s go in first,” I said.

Managed to get into the rock cliff hole and survived holding hands together without being distracted. Finally all my ant people, my ant soldiers, my father, and my mother survived after the tsunami left and then went back to look for a new island.

For 5 days we slept on a wooden boat until we saw a very beautiful mysterious island. My people and my soldiers looked happy to see the island.

“Let’s move to the new island, we name the new island “Dregon” because the island is very big and wide,” said my father.
“Yaaay” said my people and soldiers with a smile and happy.
“Thank you my father and mother for saving our people and soldiers,” I said to my parents while hugging them together.

Having arrived at a new island called “Dregon”, we are looking for wood, bird nest skins, and ant house tools to build nests for my ant people’s houses. Suddenly there was a voice that turned out to be the main ant king yell on my farther.
“Who are you? Why do you and your ants come to here?”

Faced with the sudden questioning, the Kristin family was surprised. It turns out that this island has an owner. The Kristin family was the uninvited guest. How will the two sides interact? Will they fight? Let’s find out in the next chapter

Heart Ocean’s New Year Party, By Kristin Heart

Heart is the 3rd twin, while Hay is the 6th twin out of a total of 10 Princess Kristin’s children.

Heart was sitting alone beside a snowy tree, Hay deliberately played throwing snowballs at Heart until Heart got annoyed because Hay was interfering with Heart then Heart took the snow to make the snowballs throw snowballs directly at Hay when Hay immediately ran away.

Heart chased Hay when Hay ran laughing until Heart got tired of running then ran again to catch up with Hay but fell due to not seeing the tree roots on the ground made Hay laugh out loud and Heart was annoyed suddenly heard the crying sound of a male scorpion named Hezkya then Hay and Heart followed the voice and it turned out that Hezkya was Sion’s lover (female scorpion)

They saw Sion hugging Sion’s lover while Sion’s lover was still crying.

Heart asked Sion.

“Your Majesty, oh yeah my girlfriend is crying because she misses her grandma” said Sion
“Oh, sorry Sion. Where’s the grandmother?” Heart asked Sion.
“His grandmother passed away yesterday, your highness” Sion replied to Heart
“I am sorry I heard it, we are sorry. Why did you not tell us?” said Heart to Sion.
“I’m sorry I helped her sick grandmother before her grandmother died, I didn’t have time to tell you or your parents, your highness,” said Sion.
“Oh, I see, I have a great idea. Please don’t tell your lover, we have a surprise for your lover at the New Year’s party,” said Heart.
“Oh right, my lover’s birthday is on New Year’s,” said Sion.
“Exactly, let’s go home. You take care of your lover, Sion. Thank you for the information,” Hay said to Sion.
“All right, your highness” Sion said to Hay.

Then Hay and Heart went straight home to their parents’ palace.

Hay and Heart ran fast until they fell in front of the living room door of Prince Jade’s palace, making Prince Jade and Princess Kristin shocked.

Princess Kristin is worried that her two children (Hay and Heart) will get hurt or not after they fall.

Prince Jade asked his two children.

“What’s wrong with you running so fast that you fell like this?” Prince Jade asked Heart and Hay.
“Oh sion’s lover is crying because his grandmother died yesterday, dad” said Hay
“My God, why did his grandmother die? Because of illness, son?” Prince Jade to Hay.
“Yes, that is right dad but tomorrow is Sion’s lover’s birthday. We have an idea that we can decorate a simple New Year’s party so that Sion’s lover is calm and happy about his birthday,” said Hay and Heart.

Prince Jade summoned all the ant folk and ant warriors to decorate sion’s new year party and lover’s birthday simply

All the ant folk and ant soldiers decorated the new year’s party and the birthday of Zion’s lover.

Prince Jade asked Hay again.

“What’s with the name of Zion’s lover, son?” Prince Jade asked Hay.
“His name is Hezkya, dad” replied Hay to Prince Jade.
“Oh Hezkya, thank you dear son” said Prince Jade

The New Year party and birthday party decorations were finished 4 hours later Prince Jade ordered Hay and Heart along with the ant warriors chosen by Prince Jade to go to Hezkya’s house when all the ant people and ant soldiers were ready for the event.

Hay and Heart invite Sion and Hezkya to surprise Hezkya’s birthday and new year party.
Then they chatted with Sion and Hezkya then Hay covered Hezkya’s eyes with a small cloth,
They went to Hezkya’s birthday and new year party.
They, along with the ant people and the ant soldiers, surprised Hezkya when Hay opened Hezkya’s eyes from the small cloth, making Hezkya cry, hugging Hay, Sion, Heart, and all the ant people and ant soldiers.
They managed to calm down with Hezkya smiling happily even though the memories of Hezkya’s grandmother were sad.

All the people and warriors along with Hay, Heart, the children of Prince Jade, and the extended family of parents Hay and Heart wish Hezkya and all without exception.

“Happy Birthday Hezkya, and Happy New Year everyone”

Hezkya said to everyone when Hezkya cried softly “actually I’m sad without my grandmother but thank you very much”

All hug together with happiness

~ END ~

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“Fall in Love on First Island”

Heart is a fine and demure ant woman, she began going on trips to Lost Island together her parents. She is so happy travel and found lost island with her parents, her people ants, and her soldier ants ride by ship used woods.

We arrived in Lost Island, there are a lot of people ants and soldier ants. Introduce together but we got enemies other ant alliance who strongest.

Other ant alliance named GoT, King of ant is Tsu and Queen of ant is Jazzy. Began enemies used war. Heart mad in Tsu until Heart has feeling fall in love Tsu. Heart did not know Tsu has a wife is Jazzy. Heart thought fake his wife turned out real they are real couple husband and wife.

Heart hang out with one of GoT family named Ruda. Heart chatted with Ruda so funny.

Heart : My heart feels like fall in love with Tsu.
Ruda : hehe… He has a wife
Heart : impossible (Heart thinks fake his wife)
Ruda : no, he has a real wife.
Heart: Oh I see, I don’t know why my heart feels fall in love Tsu because of my last name is Ocean and his named Tsunami then it’s exactly (still don’t believe Ruda’s word).
Ruda : gross
Heart : (still shy should say something)

Heart was funny chatted with Ruda made GoT members and Heart’s members laughed at me during chatting. A month later I found Tsu still love a real wife is Jazzy that made Heart jealous of them.

Heart can’t move on from Tsu because of her feeling is still fall in love with Tsu while Heart knew them (King Tsu and Queen Jazzy).

Heart is very sad and jealous. Heart tells long story to her parents. Her parents said to me.

Kristin (mom) : Hi my princess, why are you sad?
Heart : hmmm …(still not brave her mom).
Jade (dad) : Please tell me, my princess. I am not angry you.
Heart : hmmm… I actually fall in love with Tsu but Tsu has a real his wife (her expression sad).
Jade : oh, true Tsu has a real his wife. I’ve already hang out with King Tsu and Queen Jazzy. Then you don’t do like that because of Tsu has a real his wife. You don’t sad or jealous. You can to find a true man who single.
Heart : yeah dad (still sad in her feeling with hide).
Jade : good, my princess. I know you are a beautifu ant and soft woman ant.
Heart : thanks my dad (hug her dad more) .

~ END ~

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Chapter 1 A Small Island, Part 1 : To Find A Small Island.

Prince Jade is Heart’s dad, and Princess Kristin is Heart’s mom. Heart is their daugther of Kingdom Ant.

Prince Jade has a good idea and told Princess Kristin and Heart about would to find a small island for meeting someone.

Prince Jade : My wife, do we would to find a small island for meeting someone?
Princess Kristin : yes, we do.
Princess Kristin and Heart ask to Prince Jade : “Who is someone?”
Prince Jade : “hehe… secret for my beauty daughter”
Princess Kristin : "oh my gosh, your idea is good.

Heart : “huh?! really? I am not going to find new man, dad”
Prince Jade : “hehe… No, someone is a good man and smart like you, my dear heart”.
Heart : “Oh no no, I am not yet ready because of I am not a good girl, dad”
Princess Kristin : “No. You are so beautiful like your mom. I certainly someone can receive you to be as girlfriend with you, dear heart”.
Heart : “hmmm… I am still shy (smile)”
Princess Kristin : “okay, my dear heart. My hubby, when are we going to go to a small island?”.
Prince Jade : “probably tomorrow, because of our ant subjects are still not yet ready for going to go to a small island”.
Princess Kristin : “Oh, okay my dear hubby” (kiss Prince Jade’s cheek)

Prince Jade is telling to all ant subjects about to find a small island.

Prince Jade : “Hello everyone my ant subjects, how are you all today?”
All ant subjects : “all is good, we are doing great, your majesty”
Prince Jade : “Okay, tomorrow morning we are going to go to a small island for someone and to be friend their alliances in the small island. Do you all agree or disagree?”.
All ant subjects : “Yes, we agree, your majesty”
Prince Jade : "okay, please keep your health until tomorrow morning. Thank you for paying attention, my ant subjects.

Several hours then all ant subjects and Prince Jade’s families go to sleep on night.

Will Princess Heart’s family to find a new small island? let’s see the next part 2