Just not understanding anthill defense

So I have been playing for a while, and i know that there is a lot going don’t know. One thing is defense. to date i have not won a single defense of my hill or mine. the mine i understand i suppose, because the attacjker usually has 3X my number of troops. I have over 8,000,000 soldier power. is this a very small amount? Earlier today my hill moved, no idea why, and my hill was attacked 8 times I think it was. while the attacker had 130,000 ants, i only had 100 to 120 or so for each attack. obviously i lost big time along with a huge load of resources. Am I misding something here???

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لا بد وانك قد غفلت عن بعض الأمور التي تخص بحوث التطوير
هناك بعض الخداع فيها فهي ليست مترابطة وغير متسقة
فقط حاول جمع نقاط القوة وربطها

hi there! what level are you now?
You can use shield for now till you get stronger.
in the mines there are a few level.

Do not leave your resources out if you are unshield. The attacker must have zeroed your hill that is why you were teleported.
Join an alliance which can protect you.

Turn on peace shieild if you are not going to invade if you will
invade then attack anthills half your level.
And for the resourses go and hunt them

Good Luck🍒

level 20 anthill. He must have zeroed me. he attacked me over and over.

where do you put the resources? I have quite a bit in inventory. but it takes millions to build anything,

You need to upgrade your special ants. You should have a much higher defense at queen level 20. What tier are your soldier ants?

Also, if you look at your resources at the top, you’ll see your protection level. You need to keep your resources below your protection level and take your marches out of your garrison. This makes you a less likely target because attackers will get no resources or kills from hitting you.