Just a simple question: Do you have Reap Master?

Just a simple question: Do you have Reap Master😂?
Yes: :+1:
No: :laughing:

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ID: 58354367
I don’t have Reap Master :laughing: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Id; 61270674
I have the Reap Master….

I don’t have a reap master.
ID: 40881359

I don’t have a reap master.

id 57042536

Reap Master is one of the best ant even you’re f2p or p2w
but i dont have it

id = 52697259

ID 61354969
Have Not :confused:

ID: 18253865

To many… I would give them all away for a shikaree master… :sob:

i dont need masterssss. i need GC GD pleaseee or new barren ant

ID : 13618962

ID 45662439
I dont have

I have 1 Reap Master. And wait for one more to open skill 6.
ID 60809966

ID 34073335 Have not😅


ID 62804147


No Reap Master yet.

ID: 556049737

Not yet, but looking forward to it :slight_smile:

ID: 60236370


No Reap Master yet.


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