July Version Update (Part 5): New Tasks

Jerry’s exploration team was surprised to find out that the way to get evolution materials is not limited to defeating the Level Garrisons. They can also send some Special Ants troops to participate in the transport mission, next they just need to wait patiently for them to transport the materials back. If you have any thoughts about the new version, please let us know in the comments! Let’s all look forward to the opening of the evolution version!

In addition, the video group team standing behind Jerry also participated in the whole exploration. With their keen observations, they have unearthed a lot of valuable information and produced many interesting speculations. You can click the content below to learn more! Please stay tuned to the following two channels of the official Discord for great reports from the video group:


Note: The content mentioned in the article and video group is for reference only, please refer to the final version after the game is launched!