July Version Update (Part 4): You can now view the number of online members in the alliance

July Version Update (Part 4): You can now view the number of online members in the alliance🔥

With the latest version update, you can now see the current number of online members in your alliance, making it easier to stay updated on your teammates’ status! Prepare for battle and sound the horn of combat!

Share your thoughts on the new content in the comments section and include your game ID! Participate in the event for a chance to win a mysterious reward!

PS. The mysterious reward will be sent via email within 7 business days after the end of the event on July 5th, 23:59:59 (UTC+0).

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ID: 18253865
That’s an amazing addition!
Especially if you’re going into Alliance Expedition or are in a fight on the Lost Island or on Barren Land. This way you see how much support you can kinda count with in that moment. Thank you so very much this addition. :heart:

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ID : 13618962
I love it

ID: 43205701
That nice, we can see how active the alliance is :slight_smile:

This was really needed, since it’s easier to know how many people will help if you’re burning through resources by building


Hii it’s a very nice idea, il faut le sortir en juillet. Id 59021548

ID : 40869975

ID: 48352703

This will help to see when which time ours members are active! Awesome!

ID: 47725352


For those of us who care for alliance, it’s very good

Makes it much more user friendly
Thank you

id: 56672952

That is what I want!
ID: 53744530

Nice ideađź‘Ť

ID: 58748704

That’s nice update :smile:

ID 57693695

ID: 6884110
I’m really enjoying all the features of the new update. At least there is a new building to build for SVS points today.

that’s an incredible feature
game id : 59871005
server : 1090

ID: 2426983
Great way of tracking how many actively playing people an alliance has, this way we can know who to support or rely on when it comes to reinforce, rallies and battles!

Sounds like a good idea
ID 52699537

id: 38786020
queria que fosse mais fácil em alguns aspectos, mas desafios são bons também.

This is incredibly helpful so I don’t have to check each tier to count how many are online!

ID: 31035879


Amazing addition, can’t wait to start using it!