Join the alliances KNG or KnG

Looking for a group of high rollers to dominate and rule the lands with? Or are you just starting out and looking for a good group to help you build and learn more about the game? If either sounds like you, then join us in KNG for a higher level knowledgeable active experience, or the sister alliance KnG for those newer to the game or just starting to build power level. We look forward to your applications! Located on server 872!


Êtes vous basé sur l’île perdue, si c’est oui alors je suis partant pour l’aventure avec vous. Pour le moment je suis sur le serveur 686 et là bas c’est comme être endormi. Je suis Yugi666 et j’attends de vos nouvelles. Salutations.

New player interested in joining an alliance.

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