Join Alliance TOX 849

Looking for a friendly and strong alliance to support you and help you grow? You won’t find a better alliance than TOX! Guaranteed. Many experienced players, fun lively discord, and helpful tips and tricks. This is your strong funny and friendly people, who are always available to talk if you need help. We maintain allies with strong relationships, we will have your back, build friendships, live chat, you won’t be disappointed. Also bring your farm or start one in our farm alliance. Lets

I am currently surviving in a lawless server. The alliance that I belong are few. It seems that we have become Free Farms for the other alliances…. Not happy about that at all. I am guessing that if you approve my application and that of my farm that I will have to wait for the next migration event for my server?

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My alliance is not active same with my server I’m trying to join a new server and alliance I hope I can join u

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Im new user i need sever and strong alliance

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