Jerry's Halloween: Red? Green?

“Knock knock!” Jerry is knocking on the door to celebrate Halloween. Unlike before, Jerry is not asking for a gift this time. Instead, he has prepared 2 gifts for you. Choose Red or Green clothes and open the door to welcome Jerry. Jerry will give more generous rewards to the color with more Rulers! The color with more Rulers will win Team Victory Rewards, and the color with fewer Rulers will obtain Team Courage Rewards.

Team Courage Rewards: Wet Soil *30k, Meat *30k, Plant *30k, 1-min Speedup *30
Team Victory Rewards: Sand *30k, Honeydew *30k, Wet Soil *30k, 1-min Speedup *45

:fire:How To Participate:

  1. Tap the Discord icon in our official Discord ( to obtain the “Discord Event” identification.
  2. Choose a corresponding icon to confirm your team on the event page.
  3. You can choose the color only once.
  4. Leave your Game ID in the corresponding Team Channel (we need to collect your Game ID so that we can distribute rewards).
  5. The color with more Rulers will win.
  6. If the number of both sides is the same, then both sides will obtain Team Courage Rewards.

Event Deadline: November 7, 23:59:59 (UTC+0)


  1. The event rewards will be sent within 15 workdays after the event ends!
  2. Please ensure to fill in your Game ID correctly. We are NOT responsible for the fact that you cannot receive our rewards due to incorrect account information. There will not be any official compensation either.
  3. This Event is initiated and organized by the MOD Event Team. Their viewpoints only represent themselves, and we are NOT responsible for any type of dispute arising from it.

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