Jerry's Disclosure: New Version Preview

As usual, there will be a new update for The Ants: Underground Kingdom on September 26th. In this update, we focus on optimizing functions. According to Rulers’ feedback, Jerry found that many Rulers don’t know how to arrange Season Special Ants, so we have added some reminders on the Season Mixed Hatch screen. After tapping the reminder, you can view the features, recommended lineup (the official recommended lineup is only for reference, please adjust your own lineup according to your actual personal situation), skills of Season Special Ants, etc. Probably you can find your answers based on them.

In addition, we have added the “Lock” function for Special Ants and optimized the Special Ant/Insect Stationing system. The Video Team and other community groups will bring more details later. Please stay tuned!

Note: the members in the Video Team and other community groups are all made up of normal players. Their viewpoints only represent themselves, and the official is NOT responsible for their contents or communication between you and them. Meanwhile, all disclosures are only for reference. Please check them in the game for the actual content.