[January 3] Update Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
2023 January 3, 7:00-7:30 (UTC)


  1. From January 4, 2023, 00:00 am UTC+0, due to the inconsistency of game versions of different channels, Rulers cannot switch their accounts between game versions of different channels!
  2. Optimized the display of Helper Insect: Now the Helper Insect will be displayed on the map when your troops are marching outside.
  3. Added a Push Notification after the Worker Ant Exploration ends.
  4. Added a Replenish Resources function to the Ladybug Habitat.
  5. Added a double confirmation pop-up notification when redeeming Generic Skin Fragment (Purple).


  1. Fixed the display issue of buttons such as Copy and Report in Zone Chat.
  2. Fixed the game glitches when entering and leaving the Underground Maze in specific scenes.
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