[January 16] Update Maintenance Notice

[Update Time]
January 16, 7:00-7:30 (UTC+0)

[New Features]

  1. Added the “Translate” function to the Alliance Messages.
  2. Added new game language - Vietnamese.
  3. Added exclusive chat emojis to the Subscription Agreement function (Unlocks after purchasing the Subscription Agreement).


  1. Optimized the hunting screen of the theme event and the description of the contents in the Tips. Added the description: [Remaining Hunting Reward Times Today (times of obtaining the rewards after defeating the event rally creature)] & [Remaining Reward Times Today (times of obtaining the Insect Remains after defeating the Wild Creatures)].
  2. Optimized the description of the sources of [Bio-Essence].
  3. Added a [Go] button to some functional items. Now you can directly go to the corresponding function by tapping the [Go] button.
  4. Optimized the logic when closing the screen after using the Active Skills of the Develop Type Special Ants.
  5. Optimized the reminder’s brightness for joining a rally.
  6. Added an “ALL” sign to the Alliance Mails sent by Alliance R4 and R5 members.
  7. Now you can add The Ants Studio’s mails to your Favorites.
  8. Optimized the Battle Report, and added the filter - All/Mine/Garrison/Invasion.


  1. Fixed the issue that some Insects’ sizes were displayed abnormally in the specific scene when marching in the wild.
  2. Fixed the issue that it was unable to select the “Batch Supply for Leafcutters” function in the Subscription Agreement when upgrading Leafcutters.
  3. Fixed the display issue that incorrect coordinates were displayed under the defender’s avatar in the battle report in some combat scenes during the Season.
  4. Fixed the glitch of Alliance Expedition in the specific scene.
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