Island solder colonies.

Does anyone know exactly what building enhancements improve your success rates and odds of obtaining higher soldier colonies. Are they considered fortresses also? Doen invasion reform and season stationed reform help?

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Hi! @X_Richard4Cranium_X

Upgrading buildings that usually give pure attack, health and defense bonuses can help.

With this, you can also use;

Apart from this, you will continue to obtain higher level colonies as long as you advance buffs.


  • Solders’ tier level.
  • Pure attribute bonuses (flora, treassure depot, reform pool, meteroite evoulution, etc…).
  • Special ant levels/stars.
  • Insect levels/stars.

I hope I could help you enough.
I wish you good luck :innocent:

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Thank you, wasn’t sure if it was invasion attack or attack against season soldiers stationed… I’ve heard different answers from many different people and was just hoping for a clear and definitive answer. Thanks for your time, it’s very much appreciated.

Also, just for the sake of correct information, that would mean that the “enhancement” of the alliance center, evolution fungi and entrance are far more paramount to obtaining say level 9 colonies and upgrading to level 10, rather than those that increase attack, defense and health “when fighting for fortress” such as the special ant habitat, mutation flora and insect habitat, is that correct? That being said then the only rally center that would really make a significant difference is the “pro rally center” then since it increases the attack, defense and health all together in one spot for any soldiers that are in the pro march, specifically, is this also true?

I really do appreciate your willingness to help bring clarity to something that has gotten very convoluted.

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Hi @X_Richard4Cranium_X just to confirm what you are asking. Yes, what you are saying is true, I have attached a picture to help visually.

So this is what I personally prioritize first Queen and Carrier Ant Nest, then Alliance center and Evolution Fungi, then Pro rally center and Entrance. I try to max Queen and Nest then work on the others to get the building achievements.

You can choose which ever blues ones you prefer to help with taking fortresses i like take rally centers so I can take the durability faster.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hello, that is awesome, i greatly appreciate both of your detailed responses, and visual aids, i tried to explain exactly what we have discussed here but i guess a simple explanation and the testing experience with eliminating as many variables as possible so bringing it to its rawest most simplistic form is still too difficult for some people to be able to grasp although the tangible evidence is very clear yet the common sense seems to be just as elusive for them as is the ability to listen to someone and understand what they are trying to help by teaching them and would rather argue instead of be able to take it as wisdom you’re attempting to share HAHAHAHA guess stupidity is one thing we can’t easily fix. Lol.

Hey thanks again though, and you both went above and beyond so I’m going to give both of you at least a 5 dollar an hour raise. :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::crazy_face: