Is there a reason to have an Bridge to attack and not take over (Island)

Hi, the question is, is there any benefit to have a bridge that players can attack to around 30% endurance and then let it regenerate so others can do the same and never take it over? We have a few players who heard this and swear by it but i can´t find any information for this in the game. all the infos say you can get points etc when you take it for the first time, but nothing like this.

I would realy like to know if there is a benefit for it.
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Hello @StiflerKevin

It is a tactic used to defeat stationd troops and durability soldiers.
Provided by r4 and r5 for those who cannot complete these missions during beginning and middle term of the season.

Note: Ferries can only retreat by R5.

So if everybody already has it, there is no benefit for it.

THanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

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Sometimes some people use it to get ahead in the reputation rankings, but my personal opinion is that this is unnecessary. :innocent: