Is Server 936 Alliance WAX a fit for you?

Hello Everyone!

If you’re looking for an active and chatty alliance then look no further than Server 936. WAX is mainly an English speaking alliance, but certainly not a requirement. We welcome players from all over. We have a Discord server with plenty of guides and have no problem teaching new players or learning from veteran players. If you’re interested, I suggest starting a new account and move them to 936 to check it out.

A bit about 936, it is a mostly peaceful server if you’re in NAP 10 (a None Aggression Pact for the top 10 alliances). The tree is not circulated, but our king shares the buffs among the alliances that contribute the most to SvS (Server vs Server). There is a biweekly purge on Groundhog Day of SvS, where anyone can attack anyone. Typically allied alliances don’t purge each other. Even during purge there is some server rules: (1) No tile hitting. (2) No zeroing hills.

If you have questions, feel free to comment. Stay waxy.

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