Invasions Unsuccessful?

Hi, so when invading hills right around or below my level, how is it that over half of my invasions are unsuccessful, resulting in a number of severely injured / deaths for me, but little severely injured / no deaths for them? I’ve yet to have an invasion that doesn’t leave me worse off than before lol

Also plundering little resources, even when there is little to no power gap.

I’m fairly new but I play daily, I’m constantly building and evolving, participating in events etc. I’m just wondering what I could work on to fix this! Thanks in advance guys


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Several factors affect the amount of your loot.
Amount of load of your troop. Note that T1 and T2 ants have more load
Lairs that are more than 5 levels below you will limit you in looting resources
If your forces are defeated, the battle report can be more effective to comment on it


When you are invading are you using the Raider Class and using your Pro troop?

They might just be stronger than you, better special ants, stats etc. If you are trying to plunder for resources I would recommend to either hit hills that you know you can beat or scout for ungarrisoned hills and hit with T1/T2s.

Now if you are hitting for kills make sure to have this Evo maxed to kill troops when invading.


This is super helpful info, thank you for answering. I have been using all T6 ants and none below that. Was getting little to no RSS.

Why is it that T1/T2 are better for plundering, wouldn’t the enemy’s T6+ kill lots of them because their defense is low?

If my power is 2M, should I aim to plunder hills that are around half my power? Or less. Because the battle reports usually say the RSS I got were low because of a large power gap. Or was the report referring to my use of T6 ants.
Sorry if this is confusing. Thanks in advance you guys have been very helpful!

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For loot, the best queen is the “Raider”. And if the queen you attack is “Herder”, you get the best results.
Ant T2 has the ability to carry more load and speed.
But if you fail, you will suffer a lot



So you only want to hit hills with T2s that have no troops garrisoned.

You can see this on your scout reports, so the yellow report you would want to use T2s for but the red report you don’t as it would kill your troops.

I usually like to do two options, the first option is to have two different layouts setup one for PVP and another with t1s for farming hills, then quickly switch between them when needed, keep in mind you can’t switch between them if your troops are not in your hills, so if you get attacked you need to teleport to force recall and quickly switch.

The second option is to set your pro with the t2s but then have your main pvp formation in march one, only march one garrison, ungarrison the rest of your marches then farm hills with your pro and if someone attacks you then you have your march one to defend.

For the second question, it is usually good to attack hills roughly around half your power to try to reduce troop deaths. Power however has nothing to do with how much you can plunder, only the Queen level impacts this, you want to go no lower than 5 levels below.


Awesome. I nearly figured this out the hard way, I had no idea what I was doing. LOL. Thank you all so much for your answers!