Interview: Kuwaity R5 XoX S14



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in-game nickname Kuwaity .
started playing when server 14 started, founder of the alliance NightMare XoX. R5/R4 in alliance ranking

Tell us a little about the members of the alliance and how you interact with them.

We pick members in NightMare XoX Alliance carefully, with no random acceptance. We go for quality over quantity rather than just getting numbers. We do check the background of members who are seeking to join our alliance and server and make it very clear that our alliance is a multinational fighting alliance. So we have players from different countries, languages, and religions and we do care about every single member. No drama whatsoever in alliance chat or server chat. Any problem is taken very seriously by R5 and R4s. After all, we spend a lot of time together on a daily basis sharing knowledge and playing to win.

How do you notify alliance members in an emergency?

XoX alliance uses all kinds of chat methods: in-game messages, Discord, LINE, and WeChat, based on where the player is located. But mainly in the game message system and Discord to alert members that we have a situation to take care of. Other members help to notify others using the mentioned chat systems.

How do you plan for the battles that await you?

For xox to prepare for battles, we have a leaders’ group chat room in Discord to put thoughts and plans and discuss the best method to be approached. For example, in the case of barren or lost island we do study the guide system from the game ahead of time to understand what does it take to get a win, go over game forums and read/study, and ask around the community when they are released.

How do you determine the best time to start a battle with your opponents?

after the first attempt we do study our opponents’ strengths, activity hours, who is strongest, how many are they at a single time, and expect their next move for the plans we create… it is a lot of teamwork for the barren and lost island to take care of

Is the entire alliance focused on one target for battle, or do you prefer to attack multiple targets at once?

XoX alliance as I mentioned before is a warrior clan, in barren lands we do fight to start from when our protection time is up, until the enemy’s starting time starts no breaks at all.
we have many members from different time zones so we do put pressure on enemies all the time and we for sure save stamina to use them smartly during those hours.
dailies can be done afterward when there is no fighting
for when XoX fights, we do coordinate with members’ numbers and availability having in mind enemy power and activity.
if we are to face a very strong opponent knowing that they won’t give up or have healing fungi available we concentrate on a single target.
that doesn’t mean we stick to that plan only sometimes we need to be fighting in 2 or 3 different areas to distract enemy forces’ power.
but over all having 1 or 2 targets to focus on is better than having many targets to take care of.
every day we have a plan and a route to take already set, so when we destroy a tower or take a lair we move on as planned.
of course, there is the limitation to tower count per day and stamina usage so we do have those 2 in mind.
not to mention our members have limitation with the number of tier 11 soldiers vs healing fungi vs healing speedups to take care of… so XoX balance things up to not exhaust its members but at the same time exhaust enemy…after all we are fighting alliance

Describe the worst situation you’ve had during a battle.

the worst situation that I have had during battle is having no stamina, the best way to fight is using rallies as it gives max dmg to the enemy, but sometimes due to time to fill rallies xox members tend to go and attack solo " towers " which will consume stamina rather faster than using rallies.
and in barren lands, as you know there are 2 camps … each team if they are close to each other can defend their towers and destroy your towers. so it would be 2 vs 1 basically.

Tell about the problems that arose during the wars.

if you have new members joining your alliance, sometimes they do not follow instructions as stated until they are used to our fighting ways, real life commitments such as work, sleep, family, and holidays may affect participation for a long time when needed, having members that are not fighters rather than farmers.Moral to members is a big factor when you win and lose so need to keep that up all the time

What do you think is the way to win the battle?

1- smart usage of stamina, try as much as you can use 1 team only rather than sending 2 teams or more
2- use rallies
3- have fun, and don’t stress out. you can turn a losing fight into a winning fight through teamwork
4- teamwork is very important, this game can’t be played solo
5- have faith in your team members
6- good leadership not in barren lands or lost islands but all the time
7- smart planning
8- know when to withdraw, remember this event is meant to last for more than a month, better to lose a fight and win the upcoming fights
9- having active members who are not scared of losing RSS, healing fungi, or speedups
10- alliance reputation !!! so make sure to build yours among the community
11- do not underestimate your enemies … never
12- do not trash talk and be polite, and do not provoke your enemy
you will be lucky to be in red camp, and you are very lucky to have your camp alliance to be active and willing to listen to you if you are the best at planning and reading enemy movements… if not you will lose

Based on your experience, do you have any advice for the readers of this interview?

my advice to readers is to enjoy the game to the fullest, remember we do spend a lot of time playing this game so be friendly, and humble, ask questions, and don’t be shy. the ants underground have great players that can be a reference to those who have doubts in some game areas and are willing to help if asked nicely. remember, it is a marathon game, not a speed run game meaning you might not be strong now but in the long run you can be one that is considered strongest if played right

F2P is as important as P2W players

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