Interview: Dustin R4 DEF S106

Dustin Interview

Hello everyone, today I'm interviewing Dustin who has just finished his first barren.

1. Can you quickly introduce yourself?

My nam is Dustin. Am r4 of DEF and a leadership role for most of the alliance.

2. How did you find Matchmaking, whether your allies or enemies?

I find the matchmaking for strengths was evenly matched for their respective sides. I feel like each side was centered evenly as far as strengths. As for timezones and/or placement I felt it was quite unfair. We had 1 NA alliance, one FR alliance and one zoned around EU/AU time against 3 AS alliances. Protection time was in favor of AS only.

3. What was your strategy at the beginning of Barren? Did you have to change it along the way?

Initial strategy for us since we had top was to conquer the top. We were doing excellent (i mean we had killed over 9g ants in the first week) but our allies in the southern region couldn’t run 2v2 so begged us to come save them south, ultimately ruining our odds on the top zone. They threatened to quit after the first day of fighting and thus we had to be the leaders to tell them we will go south, lose chances of winning, and secure the bottom wonder if that would stop them from leaving. Wasn’t fun but we did it. So we quit playing after securing it. Only to maintain the top leaderboards for champ points when needed.

4. How did your Barren end?

Our barren ended in a loss. My alliance warned that we wouldn’t help if we had to do that. Thus, we stopped activity after we secured bottom clash as it was ultimately a 1v3 most of the days coming up to it. My alliance really didn’t want to put more effort in with the negative players that were in one of our camps as they were the reason we had to come south.

5. What do you see as Barren’s weaknesses and strengths compared to the lost island?

Weaknesses - I saw the protection time ruin the game for a lot of players. Many lost interest in the weeks to come and player activity was at an all time low. That was a huge weakness. I didn’t see any benefits as the island wasn’t fun, we still had the island play where it was all alliances against just us, while being stuck on a restricted play style. Not fun whatsoever

Thank you all for reading this interview :heart: