Insight Team Is Now Recruiting

:mega:Insight Team Is Now Recruiting

What Is Insight Team? Insight Team is a new staff team of TheAnts Community, currently it has two sub-teams

:writing_hand:1. Novel Team
Words do have power, they can share knowledge, they can express your thoughts, and they can even inspire others to move forward whether intentionally or not. If you love literature, this is the perfect place to showcase your talents.

:male_detective:2. Interview Team
The players of Ants Kingdom come from all over the world, and each individual has its own unique symbol and its distinct national cultural imprint. Why did they choose the ant game? What wonderful stories did they experienced in Ant Kingdom? If you love life and are curious about things, I believe joining the interview team is a good choice. Major work here is figure interview, and create a newsletter in a proper manner.

What We Are Offering?
:gift:Benefit 1. Free to use the time-limited Exclusive Community Avatar Frame.
:gift:Benefit 2. Free to claim the Exclusive Community Chests which can be claimed for superb rewards.
:gift:Benefit 3. Free to own the special role: Insight Team on our official Discord.
:gift:Benefit 4. Close contact with the official staff and priority access to the latest game information.
:gift:Benefit 5. Get an official recommendation to let more Rulers know about your work.
:gift:Benefit 6. Get worthwhile personal learning opportunities that will benefit you for a lifetime.

:beers:If you are interested in this program, you only need to meet the following requirements:
1.An individual who is modest, friendly, polite, and responsible.
2.Have passion to learn things new.

:parachute:Recruitment Process:
1 Fill out the Recruitment Questionnaire ( with your basic info. and attach your work link here.
2. If you are accepted, you will receive an invitation from us. Then, just follow the invitation instructions to join us.

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