Insect Talents - What are they?

Hi I wanna know more about insect talent…I aslo wanna know if you have a guideline with one we should focus and prioritize…thanks


Which insects are you prioritising?
This is an example of my Emperor Scorpion. I wanted more +attack and also the combat speed.

I also have a few questions about Insect Talents as i’ve recently got to them.

  1. Is there a benefit to upgrade purple insects or is best to use the resources for Orange insects.

  2. I’m a Shooter Main and the insect i’ll start upgrading is the Giant Mantis.

  • What i want to know is what are important stats to focus on in the long run for PvP.

still q24 but i read in dc that orange will need dupes at certain level

I would say concentrate on your giant mantis and beetle ( can b euse for all classes) is a new ArtForm invented by Amir Elivert, @amirdread