Insect Overview

English Version of my German Forum post: Wildtiere Übersicht


Insect Subdivisions
Development Insects
Direct Comparison in Tables
Tierlist by UmbrasDarkness
Termite Consumption for Star-Ups
Cost of Level-Ups
Transformation Trick
Direct Comparison in Tables - violet and blue


To unlock your Insect buildings, you need to have your Queen on Level 16.
At the start you can build the following buildings:

1x Insect Habitat
2x Insect Nest
3x Termite Farm

Additional buildings will be unlocked through completed evolutions in the β€œInsect” tree.


With insects there are two main groups:

Combat and Development Insects

The combat insects can be placed in your troops and support them through their unlocked stats and skills. They’re split in another two under groups for players, since some of them aren’t as easy to get as others.

Normal and Event Insects

The normal ones can be hatched by chance through the Insect Nests and also exchanged for through Insect Shells. If you want an Event Insect though, you need to invest money into the game. They can be bought through the different Event Shops. The order is completely random.

Normal Insects - Updated: 11.03.2023

Event Insects - Updated: 20.03.2023
Important: Godzilla also belongs in the category Event Insects. Unlike others though, The Ants announced that this event was a single release and players won’t be able to get it’s contents anymore due to legal issues.


Development Insects
Development Insects are stationed in your Insect Habitat Building under Develop. Through the star-up of your Insects, you unlock bonus percents for your nests.
It’s recommended that you especially star-up your Locust to Level 11!
This was you have a bonus for the SvS Tuesday (Gathering Day) as well as Gathering in the Rainforest Event.


Important: In the past you were able to completely remove stationed Insects to make use of the gathering hack. This was changed in a later Update though. Nowadays you have to switch your Locust out with a 1 Star Version.
You will still have a gathering speed bonus of +2,5% for Meat, but are able to gather plants for the longest amount possible.


Direct Comparison of Troop Types






Insect Tierlist

Informations from: UmbrasDarkness Video
Insect tier list in The Ants


Termites needed for Insect Star-up

Insect Star-up Success rates

Insect Star-Up Calculator – In German & English


Costs for Level-Ups

Insect Level-Up Informations
Level 1 - 49

Insect Level-Up Informations
Level 50 - 100

Insect Level-Up Informations
Shortened version in 10 Level steps

Informations from:

(Wol) Wolfsrudel #360
(KoL) #501
Dustin (DEF)


Transformation Trick > back to INDEX
As a universal Insect, the Atlas Beetle is really strong. Sadly though, you’re not able to gain him through most golden choice eggs, which we get through events. And while we’re able to hatch him, the chance is still 1/5.
here is a small trick which guarantees you an unlimited amount of Atlas Beetles.

Requirements for this trick:

  • 1 Atlas Beetle on highest star level possible
  • golden insects to transform
  • 0 termites :wink:


Through the option Quick Star Up only 100% Star-Ups will be carried out…
If you select two insects with different levels,
they will NEVER be combined to the next star level.
Your Atlas Beetle needs to be on the higher level,
this way it will be automatically selected.
Both insects will be transformed into Atlas Beetles for 0 termites,
even though no star up happened.

NEW β€” 23.03.2023
We gained a new violet insect through the 2nd Anniversary Celebration. Since we’re not able to hatch it through eggs, and only receive it in events, it’s important to gain additional ones. It replaces Grapevine Beetle as helper for Atlas Beetle.
It’s confirmed that you can use the same transformation trick to gain additional Soapberry Bugs.


English Screenshots will come soon…

Possible Result:


Direct Comparison of violet and blue Insects > back to INDEX
After some players wished for a table with the violet and blue insects as well, here they are…
It should be said though, that they should be raised up as helper insects and not fighter. The golden insects will always be much better, than your violet insects, the further along you are in the game.
Especially players, that don’t invest any money.
Termites will be really expensive the higher up you star or level your golden insects.

The new violet insect, which we gained through the 2nd Anniversary Celebration, cannot be hatched from normal insect eggs!
It replaces Grapevine Beetle as helper for Atlas Beetle.


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Thank you. That is a very comprehensive guide about insects and you transcript umbra videos tips. Good Work.


What makes the soapberry better than the violet beetle… isnt 15% more garrison defense of all ants in the squad better than +5% damage special ant

Soapberry is mainly a helper insect. It’s helper buff is skill damage increase for a random row which is a lot better than a defense buff in hills.
As helper, soapberry is far more superior because it’s effect applies everywhere, not just when defending player hills.

As main insect it has 5% more skill attack but 5% less skill defense. For most troop types also better in PvP. (only guardian might be the exception)

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You were very clear, SUPER helpful, and what can you say! Awesome post! I’ve been playing the game for awhile. I think your post is helpful for everyone, not just new players.


i realy like this guide, and often come back to it. Great work!

What is your impression of the tierlist changes because of the new insect growth plan and that you can get the first 4 event insects for way cheaper now?

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The Gap between Pay and Free Insects continue to grow with each release…

After changes the insect growth plan seams like a good choice if you want to spend medium ammount for a little more strong insects… but it still cant compare to the new releases… even the hornet will start to look weak…

@Sizz Having a little more ingame experience i was wondering 2 things

1- would grapevine be better as main garrison insect for 2nd troop… while pro troop has scorpion with soapberry as helper…

2- Does a helper give any benefit from having higher Levels ?

Evening @Nico1

If you have golden Insects available, those will in most cases always be better than their purple equivalent. If you don’t have them, I’d recommend that you clone some soapberries and only use those as helper, instead of Grapevine.

Helper don’t need to have any levels by themselves. They make 0 difference and are in that moment a waste of resources. The only thing that changes their stats, is their star level.

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Thanks a lot for that info…

Yes i use Gold Insect as Main + Soapberry as helper.

my question is wether grapevine could be consider a good option to have as high star purple for a secondary garrison troop… to help main troop win defenses

Awesome to know since ive upgraded levels on helpers!!!