In-Game Event Calendar


In an effort to keep everyone informed on what’s going on in the game, we’re testing out a new consolidated Event Calendar, below. You should be able to link to this at any time, and be able to see what’s happening or what you should plan for.

Please Note: While we will try to keep this calendar accurate, there are times where dates/events may change in the game. Always refer to the Fairy’s in-game mail for accurate times and dates.

In-Game Events Calendar

How to Use

The Calendar feature is still being developed by the programmers. As such, there’s a few limitations.

  1. All events are entered in UTC, to correspond with the game clock.
  2. The calendar uses your browser’s timezone to shift what day the event happens for you. Because of this, it is possible that a “Monday” event, like Build Day, will show up for you on Sunday.
  3. Clicking the event in the calendar will bring you to the details of that particular event.
  4. If there is a dedicated discussion topic or category for a given event, there will be a link within the details for that event.

Small Limitations

  1. All events have to be entered as replies to the original post. As a result, replies have been turned off for this topic. (Related, all events have to have their own replies, so this thread could get very long, over time.)
  2. Some recurring events (such as SvS or GroundHog) will only move to the next date once the current date is finished. I’m hoping that this will be solved in future versions of the software.
  3. There are random recurring events that seem to disappear from the monthly calendar, even though they are entered correctly. I’m discussing it with the programmers.

Adding to Google Calendars

If there’s a particular event that you would like to keep track of, you can add it to your Google Calendar by:

  1. Clicking the event in the calendar.
  2. Clicking the event time in the reply post.
  3. In the window that pops up, click “Add to Calendar.”

Requests have been submitted to the programmers to add iCalendar and other systems, but they are not currently available.


WZ: Build & Fungus

Warzone - Anthill Development (Build) Day

Short Description: Upgrade Anthill Buildings and Develop Fungus Mutations
Recurrence: Every Monday

How to Generate Points

Activity   Points
Buy 1 Diamond   200
Building Power x1   1,000
Use 1 Hypha   2,000
Use 1 Special Hypha   10,000
Use 1 Fungus Nutrient IV   10,000
Use 1 Fungus Nutrient III   4,000
Use 1 Fungus Nutrient II   1,000
Use 1 Fungus Nutrient I   200

Special Tips for the Day

  1. Always use an Advanced Berry prior to finishing a building or using a fungus ingredient.
  2. Try to coordinate buildings finishing during matching Colony Actions for maximum diamond rewards.
  3. Pre-gather with your units all day, so that you can time them returning after Warzone - Gather Day begins.

WZ: Gather & Cell

Warzone - Gather Day

Short Description: Gather Resources and Develop Cell Mutations
Recurrence: Every Tuesday

How to Generate Points

Activity   Points
Buy 1 Diamond   200
Gather 1 Diamond   4,000
Gather 1 Sand   4
Gather 1 Wet Soil   3
Gather 1 Plant   2
Gather 1 Meat   2
Obtain a 7-Star Cell   10,000,000
Obtain a 6-Star Cell   5,000,000
Obtain a 5-Star Cell   2,400,000
Obtain a 4-Star Cell   600,000
Obtain a 3-Star Cell   100,000
Obtain a 2-Star Cell   10,000
Consume a 7-Star Cell   7,000,000
Consume a 6-Star Cell   3,500,000
Consume a 5-Star Cell   1,600,000
Consume a 4-Star Cell   400,000
Consume a 3-Star Cell   60,000
Consume a 2-Star Cell   6,000
Use 1 Cell Fluid IV   10,000
Use 1 Cell Fluid III   4,000
Use 1 Cell Fluid II   1,000
Use 1 Cell Fluid I   200
Use 1 Bio-Essence   25,000
Perform 1 Cell Evolution   1,600,000

Special Tips for the Day

  1. Always use an Advanced Berry prior to recalling your gatherers or using a cell ingredient.
  2. Do not recall your pre-gatherers from Monday until the reset time has passed (00:30:00 UTC), otherwise you will lose those gather points.
  3. Only gather with T1-T2 carrier ants, to limit losses if your gather tiles are attacked.

WZ: Evolution

Warzone - Evolution Day

Short Description: Upgrade Evolutions
Recurrence: Every Wednesday

How to Generate Points

Activity   Points
Buy 1 Diamond   200
Increase Evolution Power x1   400
Use 1 Creature Remain   700

Special Tips for the Day

  1. Always use an Advanced Berry prior to using a Creature Remain or finishing an evolution.
  2. Different Colony Actions throughout the day reward using Creature Remains, finishing evolutions, or both. Time your activities accordingly for maximum diamond rewards.
  3. Beginning players should focus on finishing the “Zone Develop” tree as soon as possible, to maximize point generation and daily rewards.

WZ: SP Ants

Warzone - Strengthen Special (SP) Ant Day

Short Description: Upgrade Special Ant Skills and Star Status
Recurrence: Every Thursday

How to Generate Points

Activity   Points
Use 1 Time-Limited Egg   200,000
Use 1 Tertiary Egg   200,000
Use 1 Secondary Egg   50,000
Use 1 Primary Egg   10,000
Use 1 Spore   2,000
Redeem 1 Spore (from Mutation Pool)   1,000
Gain 10 Exp   1
Unlock 1 SP Ant skill   20,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 15 Wild Creature   100,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 14 Wild Creature   90,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 13 Wild Creature   75,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 12 Wild Creature   60,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 11 Wild Creature   45,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 10 Wild Creature   30,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 9 Wild Creature   27,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 8 Wild Creature   24,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 7 Wild Creature   21,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 6 Wild Creature   18,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 5 Wild Creature   15,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 4 Wild Creature   12,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 3 Wild Creature   7,500
Hunt 1 Lvl 2 Wild Creature   3,000
Hunt 1 Lvl 1 Wild Creature   1,500
Star Up a SP Ant to 8-Star   6,000,000
Star Up a SP Ant to 7-Star   4,800,000
Star Up a SP Ant to 6-Star   4,000,000
Star Up a SP Ant to 5-Star   3,500,000
Star Up a SP Ant to 4-Star   3,000,000
Star Up a SP Ant to 3-Star   2,500,000
Star Up a SP Ant to 2-Star   2,000,000
Star Up a SP Ant to 1-Star   1,500,000

Special Tips for the Day

  1. Always use an Advanced Berry prior to hunting insects, hatching any eggs, or upgrading any SP Ant skills.
  2. Try to coordinate hatching eggs and using spores during matching Colony Actions for maximum diamond rewards.

WZ: Hatch & Gene

Warzone - Hatch & Gene Development Day

Short Description: Hatch Soldier Ants and Develop Gene Mutations
Recurrence: Every Friday

How to Generate Points

Activity   Points
Hatch 1 T10 Soldier Ant   400
Hatch 1 T9 Soldier Ant   300
Hatch 1 T8 Soldier Ant   250
Hatch 1 T7 Soldier Ant   200
Hatch 1 T6 Soldier Ant   150
Hatch 1 T5 Soldier Ant   100
Hatch 1 T4 Soldier Ant   75
Hatch 1 T3 Soldier Ant   50
Hatch 1 T2 Soldier Ant   25
Hatch 1 T1 Soldier Ant   10
Enhance 1 T10 Soldier Ant   200
Enhance 1 T9 Soldier Ant   150
Enhance 1 T8 Soldier Ant   125
Enhance 1 T7 Soldier Ant   100
Enhance 1 T6 Soldier Ant   75
Enhance 1 T5 Soldier Ant   50
Enhance 1 T4 Soldier Ant   35
Mutate 1 Soldier Ant with a difference of 1 tier   25
Use 1 Bio-Essence   25,000
Obtain 1 10-Star Gene   4,500,000
Obtain 1 9-Star Gene   3,200,000
Obtain 1 8-Star Gene   2,100,000
Obtain 1 7-Star Gene   1,200,000
Obtain 1 6-Star Gene   500,000
Obtain 1 5-Star Gene   250,000
Obtain 1 4-Star Gene   100,000
Obtain 1 3-Star Gene   40,000
Obtain 1 2-Star Gene   10,000
Consume 1 10-Star Gene   3,150,000
Consume 1 9-Star Gene   2,240,000
Consume 1 8-Star Gene   1,400,000
Consume 1 7-Star Gene   800,000
Consume 1 6-Star Gene   300,000
Consume 1 5-Star Gene   150,000
Consume 1 4-Star Gene   60,000
Consume 1 3-Star Gene   24,000
Consume 1 2-Star Gene   6,000
Use 1 Genetic Factor IV   10,000
Use 1 Genetic Factor III   4,000
Use 1 Genetic Factor II   1,000
Use 1 Genetic Factor I   200

Special Tips for the Day

  1. Always use an Advanced Berry prior to picking up any hatched soldier ants.
  2. Time your use of hatch speedups and/or picking up hatched ants with Colony Activities throughout the day for maximum diamond rewards.
  3. Mutations and enhancements do not count for as many points as hatching new soldiers.
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WZ - GroundHog

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WZ - Server vs Server War

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Pangolin - Guardians

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Pangolin - Shooters


Pangolin - Carriers

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War of Kings

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WZ - Free Choice, Germs

Warzone - Choose Your Activity, & Develop Germ Mutations

Short Description: Choose which weekly activity to earn points with today, in addition to germ mutations. You can choose between (1) Anthill Development, (2) Gather Resources, (3) Evolution, (4) Strengthen Special Ants, or (5) Hatch Soldier Ants. If you do not choose an activity, it will default to Evolution.

Recurrence: Every Saturday

How to Generate Germ Points

Activity   Points
Use 1 Bio-Essence   25,000
Obtain a 10-Star Germ   4,500,000
Obtain a 9-Star Germ   3,200,000
Obtain a 8-Star Germ   2,100,000
Obtain a 7-Star Germ   1,200,000
Obtain a 6-Star Germ   500,000
Obtain a 5-Star Germ   250,000
Obtain a 4-Star Germ   100,000
Obtain a 3-Star Germ   40,000
Obtain a 2-Star Germ   10,000
Consume a 10-Star Germ   3,150,000
Consume a 9-Star Germ   2,240,000
Consume a 8-Star Germ   1,400,000
Consume a 7-Star Germ   800,000
Consume a 6-Star Germ   300,000
Consume a 5-Star Germ   150,000
Consume a 4-Star Germ   60,000
Consume a 3-Star Germ   24,000
Consume a 2-Star Germ   6,000
Use 1 Germ Medium IV   10,000
Use 1 Germ Medium III   4,000
Use 1 Germ Medium II   1,000
Use 1 Germ Medium I   200

Note: These points are in addition to those earned for your chosen activity.

Special Tips for the Day

  1. Choose an activity which fits your daily playing ability, and minimizes your resource usage to achieve 8+ reward shells.
  2. For many beginner players, resource gathering is often the best option. For those who have unlocked T8 or T9 soldiers, Hatch Day is often preferred.
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LI - B1 - Preview Period

Lost Island, Batch 1 (Servers 2-100) - Preview Period

Short Description: This is the preview period for Lost Island, prior to any Sign-Up or Matchmaking. Check the calendar for these dates.

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LI - B1 - Sign-Up

Lost Island, Batch 1 (Servers 2-100) - Sign-Up Period

Short Description: This is the Sign-Up period for Lost Island, prior to Matchmaking, Selection, and the Match starting. Check the calendar for these dates.

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LI - B1 - Matchmaking

Lost Island, Batch 1 (Servers 2-100) - Matchmaking

Short Description: Matchmaking begins for Batch 1.

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LI - B1 - Selection Period

Lost Island, Batch 1 (Servers 2-100) - Selection Period

Short Description: During this period, Batch 1 alliances are able to select their starting territories for Lost Island. These are on a first-come, first-serve basis.


LI - B1 - Match Started

Lost Island, Batch 1 (Servers 2-100) - Match Started

Short Description: Batch 1 Lost Island participants will be teleported from their home servers to the Lost Island.

LI - B1 - Hornet Unlocked

Lost Island, Batch 1 (Servers 2-100) - Hornet Unlocked

Short Description: Special Wild Creature Hornet will spawn on special terrain on the Island.

LI - B1 - Gecko Unlocked

Lost Island, Batch 1 (Servers 2-100) - Gecko Unlocked

Short Description: Special Wild Creature Gecko will be available to rally on the Island.

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