I want to migrate

How am I able to migrate from or change my account without losing all of my game progress from server 1099 to server 1149

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The cross server convocation (CSC) range you mentioned is not active yet.

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she is not talking about the CSC but the zone migration. is it possible to migrate from 1000+ server to 1100+ server?


Zone migration is no longer a thing… There is only opportunity to move servers during CSC (Cross server convocation). I have had this same question when they stopped zone migration… Hope this helps.

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Zone migration is an one time event that happens just before the servers first lost island event, after this Cross Server Convocation will open on Mondays following the return from your season events. CSC the common range is 50 e.g 1000-1050, but this not set in stone, so you have to wait to see the range when it opens.

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So, did you ever get to move servers??