I received some video submissions about snakes

During the #MiniLifeInWild campaign, I received some video submissions about snakes. Snakes are not really my area of expertise, but based on some research, it seems that this snake could possibly be a corn snake. Corn snakes are one of the most common pet snakes in the Colubrid family and are known to be relatively docile. So, here’s the question, why are they called corn snakes?

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Snakes are really awesome and their skin has an interesting feel. Maybe we will see some slithering around in the game someday… :smirk:

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because she likes to eat popcorn :snake: :corn: :popcorn:

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My initial guess is often found in corn cribs or their color can blend in with very ripe corn. Survey says…

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This snake live in fields and overgrown brush where they feed on smaller prey.

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Due to the fact that the area of ​​​​his belly has a pattern similar to the corn kernels that we see on the ear of corn.

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