how to secure game account

hi guys…
need some help here…

my friend (let say A) quit from the game and he gave me his account… first i play it well and then someday i let my friend (let say B) to play that account but he make something bad with that account so i take it back and change the email but untill now B still can login even i unbind my account.

my question
how he can still login even i changed email and unbind my account? and how to stop him to login to my account?

anyone can help?

thanks in advance

Contacta desde la cuenta a Fairy , y explica la situación


ok bro thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

Hello dear player

Sharing accounts, buying, selling is against the game rules and our forum rules .

hello uncle duchess,

thanks for your information, so thats mean 2 player can play same account?? even i changed the email?? dont you think its bug uncle???

Yes ,you can’t , because it’s breaking game rules which lead eventually to block account for good

You can certainly open a support ticket on the official server. But fairies will see that the account belonged to someone else before and then they will lock the account completely.

  • Sharing accounts it not allowed
  • Handing your account to someone else is not allowed
  • Selling your account or anything in game is not allowed
  • Bots or account synchronisation is not allowed

If your account is bound in multiple ways and other players have the information saved and/or never logged themselves out, if you use a facebook account for example, they will continue to have access to the account. So it’s not a bug. If you share your log in information, you need to expect them to play on your account as well. That’s why you should never share your account information with anyone.
Even Fairies will not ask for your exact information.