How to perform 1 cell evolution?

I have just realized I haven’t done this before in game, I figured reach out and ask how this is done? There is zero context explaining how its done, any steps to gain these points on gather day, nothing in mutation flora etc. Maybe it’s something that just happens? If i could get some feedback from anyone thats aware that would be greatly appreciated!

In the mutation flora there will be 4 categories, cell, Germ, gene, fungus. You gain these items by buying them in the stores. Duel, exotic, and so forth.

So “cell evolution” is metamorphosis?


Okay, so after sulfras did some digging, found a screenshot posted of someone who has evolution open. Once reach 7 stars on one star up changes to evolve. Every time evolve is what it is referring to.


Thank you! This makes sense.

nice to read you again…been awhile.