How to choose a Clan

Currently, I am not in any particular clan and I do not know which clan to choose I need help on how to choose a clan and on what basis + some clan suggestions if possible. My combat strength is 80,000, by the way.

Hello @Yara
To win prizes and participate in gatherings, you must be a member of a alliance. In the first step, any tribe that accepts you. Major alliances have rules for recruiting members
But if you can get the prerequisites for membership in a tribe, consider the following

  1. Number of active members
  2. Friendly environment and the presence of people with whom you can enjoy and learn more every day

In my opinion, these two options are the most important options for choosing an alliance.
Consider that a large number of average and active players in a tribe will always be more effective than the presence of a few very strong players.

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1ok fen pro

Joing me at blk server 1269