How does someone active the sp any troop boost

Hey I recently started playing and got pretty far but lots to learn I seen that sp any troop boost how do I activate it and where can I find the boost points needed

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Can you maybe share a screenshot of what you mean exactly? :slight_smile:


Hello @Antteaspanties
Do you mean special ants troops boost?

Then, here is the answer!

How to open it?
Queen > Lv.6, available after the server’s first War of Kings event ends. Click the ‘Special Ant Troop Boost’ in the upper right corner of the March Troops interface to access it.

How to use it?
You can use Special Ant Star Points in the ‘Special Ant Troop Boost’ interface to upgrade special ant troop talents and acquire powerful attributes.

The 12 Special Ants with the highest stars will
automatically become Star Sources.

The total number of stars from these Special Ants determines the number of points that can be used to boost troop attributes.