How do you get more water

Is there a way to max out water production or supplement it?

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Hello @Bob_Kiprop

First of all, welcome to the forum community. It’s nice to see you here.

For this, I recommend you to increase the source output attributes.

Such as:

  • Cultivator class
  • resources factory( Cultivator class building)
  • highest level “Spring” buildings

Such developments will significantly increase your water output rate. Additionally, if possible, royal positions will also be very influential.

  • Versatile
  • Harvester
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Hi @Bob_Kiprop

Just adding on to what loidxl as said.
Make sure your Reservoir is been upgraded so you can stall more water.
You can buy water from the VIP shop on the weekend if you need to top up.
Also make sure to upgrade the water rapid skill for the Development Slender Ant, every little helps :slight_smile:

Slender Ant